The I'M EVERYWHERE(®) brand was birthed out of MY OWN LIFE experiences. Growing UP in the 

A Cultural Melting Pot, I was BLESSED with the OPPORTUNITY to interact with many DIFFERENT kinds of People.  My youth, coupled with these experiences incited my fascination with different cultures and more interestingly, their lifestyles. As a young adult, I began my TRAVELS and have thus far visited 14 COUNTRIES, 3 CONTINENTS, and have plans for many more.

I wanted to CREATE a brand that transcends WORLDWIDE. Regardless of what language you speak, My OBJECTIVE is for I'M EVERYWHERE(®) to be liked and accepted.  For ALL of you who are in SUPPORT, I would love it if you SHARED your photos of the brand with the #IAMEVERYWHERE hashtag in some of the most popular or obscure areas of THE WORLD.

It's what we are about -- Being accepted ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

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